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The Meaning of Anam Kara

Anam Kara is a Gaelic word meaning "soul friend." It symbolizes a spiritual friendship that is not affected by time, distance, or separation. In the old Celtic tradition, the Anam Kara was someone you could share your innermost self, mind and heart. This soul friendship was an act of recognition and belonging - helping us return to the heart of our spirit.

We have chosen this name as a symbol for the 'circle of belonging' - that inner friendship which embraces nature, divinity, spirit and human world as one.

The 'journey' of holistic counseling is an intensive, sometimes challenging and always exciting process of self-discovery: a profound freedom to choose a life path and see it to fruition.

Counselling and Psychotherapy


The Anam Kara Mission

To promote spiritual and emotional growth, and to educate the public to the availability of alternative resources, which can help improve health and well-being.

The Anam Kara Centre offers various lectures, workshops, programs and clinical services to foster  personal and spiritual growth.

You are invited to explore and gather the latest information in counseling and psychotherapy on this website.

The Anam Kara Centre has a diverse, strong and motivated team of psychotherapists and holistic practitioners to provide counseling support. We also offer a full range of naturopathic services to complement your therapy experience.

Areas of Specialty

- Addiction Issues
​- Anger management
- Self-Esteem
- Phobias
- Trauma / Abuse
- Work / Career
- Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
- Personal Growth
- Parenting
- Spirituality
- Step-Blended families
- Separation and Divorce
- Eating Disorders
- Anxiety / Depression 
- Relationship Issues 
- Bereavement / Grief
- Stress / Anger Management
- Obsessive - Compulsive Disorder
- Trauma & Crisis
- EMDR Pschotherapy
- Couples / Marriage Counselling
- Mediation
- Naturopathic therapy
- Substance Abuse Assessment
- Attachment disorder

Confidential Consultations

Our office is a safe, confidential place for you to talk, sort out issues, deal with a crisis and look for new solutions.

Counseling and psychotherapy can be individual, couple or family oriented. The staff at The Anam Kara Centre offers a unique, individual treatment plan based on the clients needs.​

The Anam Kara Centre